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camping in the White Mountains, NH.

I’m probably going to nod my head and exclaim a confident “SURE” if you ever ask me to go camping with you. But, in my head I’m probably thinking, geez I hope this doesn’t pan out. I don’t do well with bugs or sweat and definitely bugs and sweat together.  I did, however, consider glamping and I’m ever so glad I did.

We drove up into the White Mountains and stayed at Huttopia . There were both bugs and sweat, but also a really comfortable two bedroom trapper tent that we stayed in. It had a little kitchen with a fridge and the most important detail, a private bathroom for just us. Our tent was along a stream and we had a picnic table and a view that was priceless. We cooked our meals on the campfire and swam in the lake and the pool. It was like camping for a princess, which is what my four year old thinks she is, so it worked out perfectly for us.


Also, New Hampshire is just gorgeous and the White Mountains specifically. We had only been there in the winter when the mountains were, well white, but the mountains in summer are all kinds of goodness. We took a drive up the highest point in the North East, Mt, Washington.

Huttopia is a fun site with a pool, an airstream restaurant and a community center where families can come play games and they even have arranged activities during different days for the kids as well as movie nights.


I’m sure we will visit the White Mountains again and we will definitely try glamping again in our future.

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