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We are a family of six, Sam and Lindsey, Liam, Jude, Delphine and Clementine. We thrive on togetherness in new places, adventuring and wandering down country roads, city streets and boardwalks. Visiting tiny villages and magnificent kingdoms. If it's been put on a map we want to wander through it. We are making it our life's mission to travel the world while our children are young and we want to share it all with you!

We consider ourselves world-schoolers and we format what we teach our homeschooled children based on where we are going in the world. There is so much to learn about everywhere and everyone, and we believe that enriching our lives by studying books while we travel to those places benefits us all. Having the children see us absorbed in learning ourselves, is just one more benefit to having our family on this tour of the world together.


our wanderings


Camping, at Huttopia in Sanford, Maine

  Our family is well acquainted with Huttopia, Canada USA. We’ve been to their White Mountains location twice before, you can read about our first stay here and our more recent stay, here. When we heard about their newest location being in Southern Maine we were ecstatic to try...

Seven Hills and the Berkshires

I have an absolute love for old mansions and castles etc., but I don’t think I have actually ever slept in one before…until our stay at Seven Hills Inn. The Berkshires are nestled out in western MA, right along the border of New York. It’s  about a 2 hour drive from...

glamping in the White Mountains, NH – a review of Huttopia

Sometimes you take a trip someplace and you just know it in your heart that you’ll have to go back and experience it again, you know? Big city dream trips like Paris or a little island vacation in Greece come to mind, but so do some of the simpler places. The type of trip that just...

Under Canvas- a perfect family vacation

  Have you heard of Under Canvas? They’re taking the camping world by storm and have added the most glamorous twist! Glamping at its finest! They have locations all over the USA, The Smoky Mountains , Zion , Glacier , Moab , Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, and Tucson . With more...

Cartagena With Kids

Cartagena and Hotel Caribe

Cartagena has been on our list for awhile, those pretty colored buildings lining the walled in streets of the old city; yes, those are the kind of cities we live for. We had the amazing opportunity of visiting Cartagena at the end of May and we had the best time. We stayed at Hotel...

New Orleans With Kids

New Orleans

There are several cities that scream “adults only”. Amsterdam, Las Vegas, New Orleans. But I say, “no way, Jose!” Nothing will hold us back from traveling as a family, usually, every place has something for everyone, you may just have to look a little harder...